monday - wednesday  4 pm — midnight
thursday  4 pm — 2 am
friday  3 pm — 2 am
saturday 1 pm — 2 am
sunday  1 pm — midnight



We offer beer tastings for both big and small groups, customized to your budget. There’s always 12 different sorts of beer on draft, which may vary daily, in addition to a large and varied bottle selection. Our beer tastings works great accompanied by food from our friends at Fortou.



Our name, ØST, is an abbreviation for Øl (beer), Svette (sweat) og Tårer (and tears). Furthermore, Ø is a damn cool letter and the name of the bar is due to the fact that it’s located in the eastern (Østlige) part of Stavanger.

ØST is housed in the small hut where the workers at the old Tou brewery could get a well deserved beer after a hard days work.


Our identity reflects the hard work that’s been done in our district, and our visual profile symbolizes how we’re built, brick by brick, just like Tou brewery.

We’ve kept as much as possible of the building’s original details, although quite a lot of adjustments had to be made. Both the bar and interior are built by ourselves with our bare hands.

This is all hard work which have costed blood, sweat and tears.
Or in our case; Øl, Svette og Tårer!




We have a close collaboration with our friends at Fortou, which means our guests can enjoy their food with our beer. You can order food at Foutou, and have it served at our place.

Where to find us?
Take bus nr. 4 from Stavanger city centre towards Rosenli, jump off in Ryfylkegata and walk towards the ocean. We're in the house to the right at the gate of Tou Scene. You can't miss it.

Kvitsøygata 25
4014 Stavanger